3 Travel Tips You Probably Haven't Considered

26 April 2016 on Travel, Mozio Traveler, Travel tips
There seems to be an aura of coolness around those who travel for work. It was part of the allure of Mozio when I was offered my position. “I can combine my love of travel and efficiency… and I get to travel.” Zig-zagging the world by attending conferences in global hubs sure seems thrilling from the outside looking in. And it is exciting at its core: meeting the movers and shakers of your industry, gaining insights into its trend and, in between exchanging business cards in the wee hours of the morning, getting the chance to play tourist.
However, that’s only part of the truth. The ugly side of business travel includes trying to guess wi-fi passwords in unknown parts of cities to get into a conference call, waiting for hours – without wi-fi – in cramped seats for planes to leave the tarmac and deciphering hieroglyphs to get out of the airport. Аlso, economy class is only so comfortable.

Let’s face it, having to travel is both the best and the worst part of our jobs. Therefore, we thought we’d share a couple of tips for those, who like us, can’t imagine having a month go by without stamping our passports but who also, at times, find traveling to be the most frustrating endeavour.

1. Noise cancelling headphones

Planes are loud. Really loud. Estimates pin the volume of the inside of plane at 90db. That’s 4 times as loud as a vacuum, zooming right next to your ears. However, ever since I invested in a great pair of noise cancelling headphones, planes are silent. All I can feel is the rumble of the plane lulling me to sleep. Before this Godsend, I was one of those who just couldn’t sleep on planes no matter the amount of chamomile tea and Gravol I consumed before and during the flight. Armed with my new headphones, all noise disappears and I can forget that I’m 30 thousand feet in the air. Two other advantages for short flights: nothing says ‘not in the mood for a lengthy conversation’ than over-the-ear headphones and they can help focus if you need to deliver the final touches to that killer presentation during the flight.

2. Pack the exact same luggage

I have a terrible memory (ask my boss – sorry Emre). However, ask me what I’m going to pack for my next trip and I’ll recite every single item in my luggage. Regardless of where I’m going or for how long, the contents of my suitcase (and the suitcase!) is exactly the same. My secret is bringing 5 days worth of clothing that is versatile enough to show that I mean business during the conference but that I’m not afraid to loosen up afterwards. I also pack 2 sets of workout clothes. Leaving for two days? I still pack for 5 in case I get shipped off somewhere else. After a while, packing my suitcase has become second nature and I no longer worry whether or not I have forgotten anything. Additionally, I pack my suitcase in exactly the same way so that I can tell whether it’s got all my items just by looking at it.

3. Sign up to breeze through customs

There is no worst feeling when arriving at your hometown’s airport after a lengthy business trip to find the queue for customs insurmountably long. To avoid the pain of being so close yet so far from home, many countries have speedy entry programs (US = Global Entry, UK = Registered Traveller, Canada = NEXUS) that greatly reduce the time you have to wait at airports. There are probably others I am not aware of. The fee is rather reasonable and allows multiple re-entries.

4. Use Mozio (a little self-promotion never hurt anybody!)

Tired of searching ‘How to get to and from XXX airport?’ and reading through forums for the cheapest and fastest option? Just go on, enter the airport and your destination’s address and we’ve got all the transport suppliers there for you to book. I know what you’re thinking and yes we do cover non-hubs. Cordoba, Argentina? We've got you covered. Nairobi? Yup, we’ve got suppliers there.

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