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7 Tools any Travel Agent should be using.

At Mozio we understand just how precious time can be for Travel Agents; we work closely with many so we're quite emotionally attached to the subject. So we thought we would compile a list of the top tools to help you to get as much out of your day as possible...

1. Streak

We use streak right here at Mozio. It’s a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that fits neatly into your inbox and for a personal user it’s completely free! With streak you can easily create a sales & leads flow for customers that you can visualise and action straight from Gmail. This nifty integration is also packed with upgrades for your emails including view tracking, scheduled sending and mail merge. 

 Streak in your Gmail inbox



 2. Evernote

Evernote is basically your brain as you would like it to be - you can create notebooks for anything and notes for everything and Evernote helps you organise all of it.

The mobile app is a must have - It’s for those moments when you’re on the bus and you come across the perfect article to share with your clients. Or when you have a eureka moment about that next email campaign in the line for coffee. Clip the article or quickly jot down your genius in Evernote and it’s all there waiting for you when you’re at your desk ready to put it to work.


3. MailChimp

I mentioned email a little earlier on; email is pretty much the MOST underrated marketing tool at your disposal. MailChimp is a fantastically intuitive tool that just about anyone can use to keep their clients informed, engaged and generally feeling loved. With their range of attractive and fully responsive templates, there’s no need for any coding with MailChimp (phew!)

You can create automations really easily; a great one would be a welcome series for clients that have just placed their first booking with you. Welcome them, gather feedback, promote other services.


MailChimps easy to use email building interface



4. SocialMention

Would you like to be able to identify and reach out to potential clients at the moment they're thinking about making a booking? Well SocialMention can definitely help you out.

SocialMention allows you to search the socialmedia-verse for specific key terms or phrases; you could try searching for queries like ‘looking for travel’ or ‘need to travel’ to try and identify prospects that may need your help.

Entering into a conversation with a prospect at a key moment like this can help to build your social profile as well as drive leads.



5. Pinterest

Similar to Evernote, this is a great tool for generating and storing inspiration. Perhaps you’re looking to create a fresh piece of content to send to your MVP clients? Why not create an MVP pinboard and get to pinning items/articles/images relevant to them to help generate that next killer email campaign or newsletter.



6. Hootsuite

Social media is a pretty great time-saver when it comes to engaging with clients or building up that all important lead base.

Having to log in to each one individually to post stuff or respond to direct messages can get a little exhausting though (I’ve been there!) If this sounds like you give Hootsuite a try. Hoostuite allows you to link all of your social media accounts into one manageable dashboard. From there you can respond and post saving you a tonne of time, it also allows you to post to your channels simultaneously.



(Bonus tip! Install Hootlet to your chrome browser and share anything to your social channels from your browser, immediately.)


7. Mozio’s Travel Agent Booking Tool

We couldn’t compile a list of Travel Agent tools without including ourselves.

Book your clients ground transportation anywhere in the world from one spot. No more browsing multiple sites searching for the best option, we do that for you.

Fancy setting your own commission? Register with Mozio and you can!

Using your personal dashboard, you can track all your bookings, easily manage client accounts and withdraw your commission at any time.

Mozio's Trave Agent Tool(Source:


Want to make more money, save more time and make ground transportation booking way less complicated? Come see us.


Have we missed a tool you couldn't live without? Let us know in the comments below.


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