A Letter From The CEO.

26 April 2016 on Startup Life, Mozio Life

Many times I’ve been asked: “Why Mozio?” The answer is quite simple: Mozio was born from a real need, the need of travelers to get to their final destination, to get to that “last mile”.

We founded Mozio in 2012 to offer people a real practical solution, which you see today as the world’s fastest growing ground transportation search engine. Whether by train, bus, shuttle, sedan, taxi, limo, water taxi, motorcycle, or helicopter, travelers using Mozio’s technology can search for and book the right option for them.


From the original team of 3, Mozio has grown in 3 years to be a company of 24 employees, with offices in San Francisco, London and Cordoba, Argentina.

If you are receiving this letter today, it is because you are part of that solution. You are one of those 1600 companies that help us bring our customer home every day, whether it is to a five star hotel in Thailand, a condo in New York, a farm in Ecuador or an office in Berlin.

By being part of Mozio, not only are you reaching and exploring new markets, receiving more business, and making more profit, but above all you are also taking part in the mission this network of companies works towards: to make the travel experience simpler.

In our path to widening our markets and globalizing our services, we started partnering with very well known airlines and travel brands. Some big names such as: TripCase,, Supershuttle, Ethiopian Airlines, AirBaltic, LuluTrip, Amoma, Homeaway, Tours4Fun and pop up instantly, but those are the first in a long list to come.

During these last months, our team has been working on getting us linked to more of those major global players. Today, I am happy to announce two very important new partnerships with and




We are certain that these business relationships will increase our opportunities in all markets, rising our visibility and profit, and allowing us to reach more clients globally.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you for the excellent support you show us as a partner. We will continue our journey together to provide travelers with the right solutions for ground transportation all around the world. We are excited about the coming months of continuous development and growth and we remain committed to ensuring our partners' and customers’ satisfaction.

Kind regards,
David Litwak
CEO @Mozio Inc.

David Litwak

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