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A ride has been booked, the transfer provider waited for a customer as agreed, the customer got home safely and happy with the service is already planning a next trip. That’s a perfect scenario. We all love perfect scenarios, but sometimes it takes some magicians behind the curtain to help customers along the way. We’d like to introduce you to Maria Pineiro - one of our Customer Support magicians.


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Maria has been with us for almost 2 years (we are only a 4-year old company) - she joined Mozio when it was less than 15 people! She knows ins and outs of our product and helps our customers make the most of it daily. If you ever wondered who answers your emails, picks up the phone or types in a chat box, very often it is her and the folks on her team. We sat down with her for a quick chat on her experience, some of the funniest requests, and what keeps her motivated - we thought we’d share a peek behind the curtain from her perspective.

 How do you remember your start at Mozio?

It was awesome but challenging at the same time. Everything was new and small and we were all dreaming big. We all wanted to make the product good and ready to be used as quickly as possible. I actually started out working on our Supply team, doing my best to find the best providers. But as is the case in small companies with big ambitions, soon I ended up doing everything. That helped me to understand a lot more about Mozio, the whole business, and what each of our teams does.

And soon you switched to Customer service full time….

Yes. We grew up. The Travel Agent tool was developed. More people joined Mozio. It was easier to set teams apart, delegate tasks and stick to them. I was helping travellers with any problems they had in relation with booking transfers, getting in touch with transfer providers, payments etc. Soon I started exploring the world of travel agents too. It was super important to get to know them and their needs. Hours spent on calls with them definitely helped us design a product that would make their work easier and let us all grow even more!

Let’s talk a bit about a usual day in Customers Service. Customers can get in touch with you via phone, chat or email. Which way is the most challenging for you?

I think the most challenging is when we do them all together at the same time! Not sure, actually none is more challenging than the other. Phone for me is the best, to get to bond with the person on the other line, get a better understanding of what she wants. We use that feedback to build the best product for our clients - any suggestions on improving it are more than welcome!

Funny requests or ridiculous complaints happen on a daily basis. Can you share some of them?

Sometimes we get asked true existential questions like this one – (Original writing)

 -Maria. You ever catch wild rabbits. They real easy. They run strait into the net. ?

-Why are you asking?

- Because they always looking behind them. Which way are you looking Maria?

We get so many different characters here, from angry wizards that give us curses, to truly happy people that send us pizza through chats!

  • Super, it worked! Thank you! Want a slice of pizza? You deserved it!

Curses happen too?

Yeah. For instance, last Halloween was a scary day for us. We got a message that Between now and 40 minutes past 12 am on the 24 december something will happen that you can not explain.... Luckily we survived and are all good.

Travellers need customer support and so do travel agents. What confuses travel agents and make them turn to you?

Sometimes the Travel Agent tool itself can be kind of a foreign language for the uninitiated. We guide them through, and once they get to know the tool they love it! Travel Agents are super important for us, we learn a lot from them and grow together. We are both focused on our clients, so usually they are concerned about the type of service, how safe it is, etc.

They usually contact us when something went wrong but at least a few times a day we do get happy people on phone/ email, can be for a good driver, or well, I must say, for our great customer service!

Any other highlights from your work?

Complaints, questions, reviews that we receive from our customers are a huge source of inspiration for us. This is how we come up with new ideas on improving our product and making our customers even happier! The more we hear from users, the easier it is for us to make a product that is just right for them.

Thanks, Maria!

Patrycja Szpakowska

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