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How Mozio Helped Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Arrange Ground

Events are stressful ordeals: as a travel manager you’re managing hundreds of flights, coordinating hotel rooms and making sure everything is perfect for your employees or clients. You’re also...


How I (as someone 'in' travel) buy my travel

Most Americans travel once or twice a year. I have the privilege – or the pain in some cases – of travelling quite a bit more than that. In each of these travels, I’m constantly trying to find new...


Mozio announces partnership with Aegean Airlines

 AEGEAN joins,, Skyscanner among others as a Mozio partner

Aron Korenblit on Press 14 October 2016

Cross selling in Travel & Tourism: takeaways from India

A close friend recently invited me to his brother’s traditional wedding in India*. I took the opportunity to visit a tiny sliver of India – Mumbai and Hyderabad to name the cities – before work...


3 Travel Tips You Probably Haven't Considered

There seems to be an aura of coolness around those who travel for work. It was part of the allure of Mozio when I was offered my position. “I can combine my love of travel and efficiency… and I...