A peek behind the curtain

A ride has been booked, the transfer provider waited for a customer as agreed, the customer got home safely and happy with the service is already planning a next trip. That’s a perfect scenario....


TRAVEL AGENTS: 3 tips for social media success

Social media has become an integral part of consumer purchase journeys. The image below from emarketer.com shows the most popular social media activities that influenced online shopper behaviour...

Emre Mangir on Work day, Travel Agent 15 November 2016

6 habits of highly effective travel agents

In an age where the digi-verse has made it ever easier for travelers to book online, it’s increasingly important for travel agents to deliver great service and demonstrate their value.

“But how...


Content marketing ideas for travel agents

Content is an essential weapon in any customer oriented businesses arsenal. None more so than for travel agents. As essential as it is, it can sometimes be a challenge coming up with topics and...


7 Tools any Travel Agent should be using.

At Mozio we understand just how precious time can be for Travel Agents; we work closely with many so we're quite emotionally attached to the subject. So we thought we would compile a list of the...