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Content marketing ideas for travel agents

Content is an essential weapon in any customer oriented businesses arsenal. None more so than for travel agents. As essential as it is, it can sometimes be a challenge coming up with topics and formats. Well here are some content ideas for a travel agent to help you bust through that creative block.

How to or not to

Creating an essential list of what to do or, just as effectively, what not to do in a destination is a great way to demonstrate your expertise. Provide guidance on the best ways to get around, or perhaps a list on how to get the most out of the local foodie scene. This type of evergreen content will keep travelers coming back to your blog/platforms time and again.

'Top' lists

We love lists. By ‘we’, I mean everyone. They’re a concise way to communicate just about anything that is easily digested and recalled. You can create them for just about anything; places to drink, places to get some work done, pirate themed restaurants…anything. They can be a great networking tool as well; reach out to the places you want to feature, they’ll be all too pleased to share your content.

Write guides

There are a couple of ways you can write these. The first is a long form ‘ultimate guide’ form which would cover all facets of a visit from options on places to eat through to places to take the kids. Then there are more time oriented guides – “The ultimate guide to a week in Barcelona” for example. How often do clients come to you with a limited time frame? Well, they need a condensed guide to help them enjoy the time they have to the absolute maximum and you can help them out!

Keep them 'appy

Apologies for the pun but it was right there! Use your content to share tips on apps and technology that might help make their trip even easier or more enjoyable. You could release them as a ‘top’ list or even showcase an experience you’ve had with a particular piece of kit.

Use visuals

Curate lists of amazing sights and sounds for a location. Travel is a highly visual field and nothing demonstrates knowledge quite like a first-hand account of actually being there. Remember, most of your readers/clients will never have been to their destination so visual ques will really help them out.

Budget themed content

Ok so it may not be the sexiest topic, but I guarantee it’s on your client’s minds. This would be a great thing to have alongside the ‘ultimate’ weekly guides – readers of these are likely to be pressed for time and more likely to need the assistance of a professional and knowledgeable travel agent such as yourself. An article like “Madrid on a budget” or perhaps a city guide series themed on spending less than $500 dollars in a week could be just what they're after.



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