6 habits of highly effective travel agents

In an age where the digi-verse has made it ever easier for travelers to book online, it’s increasingly important for travel agents to deliver great service and demonstrate their value.

“But how can I do that” we hear you cry. Adopting these habits will help...

1) Go beyond the 'necessary'

Own your clients journey. Really own it. Don’t just communicate their itinerary; keep them updated with travel news and share relevant to their destination to help them get the most from their trip. Be sure to collect their feedback too and follow up on their experience - if they loved you (which thanks to your personal approach, they're bound to!) request a review or comment on social media. Social proof is an extremely powerful indicator to other consumers of your worth. Make it easy for your clients to get to your social channels and show their love for you.

2) Make it personal

A big challenge for a ‘one-size fits all’ online service is making a connection with the customer. This is where a travel agent can really differentiate themselves; make your clients experience with you a unique and memorable one and they’ll be back for more of the same. Deliver a personal service tailored to your client. One of the ways you can do this is by creating and sharing relevant content with them...

3) Content market

Great travel agents are marketing themselves and their service with content. We recently shared a list of travel agent content ideas to help get you started on this front. Use your personal experience to make your content really authentic, the more original it is the better. Once that killer, original piece of content is ready push it through your social media channels and engage with your followers. That last point is an important one; engage with your audience. Be a part of the conversation and enter into discussion. 

4) Become a master of something

Or more precisely, somewhere. The internet is full of ‘general knowledge’, set yourself apart by dedicating yourself to knowing more about a selection of places or activities than anyone else. This’ll not only help you provide a unique service but you’ll become an authority in your niche. Build your personal brand around this authority and you'll become a go-to for advice and guidance.

5) Embrace change

The world is constantly being disrupted by new technology and new ways of doing things. Great travel agents embrace this change and roll with it. If there’s a new social channel your target demographic is on you should be on it too. Stretch those comfort zones and you’ll reap the rewards of a service that’s constantly relevant to its clients.

6) Be sure to use the right tools

To provide that authentic, efficient and highly satisfying service great agents equip themselves with tools to help them do it better and faster. There are quite a few out there that can help, so we created a list of a few game changing tools that we think can really make a difference. 



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