What You Need to Know When Scheduling Your Airport Transfer


Travel can be a joy - but going somewhere new can also come with some stress about the unknown aspects of your trip! Whether heading on a business trip to a conference in the Mid-West or taking your family on a sightseeing trip in London, planning your airport transfer in advance can reduce your stress levels and allow you to focus on what really matters. These tips and tricks can help you have a hassle-free experience


Plan Ahead

Many people like to travel during holidays or busy seasons. While there is nothing wrong with this, just make sure to factor in any additional traffic - both on the road and in the airport. Pack early, and have your entire travel schedule worked out ahead of time. We recommend arriving at the airport at least an hour before your flight. If you're checking bags, most airports require those are checked in at least an hour and a half before the flight is set to take off. Be sure to consider any delays that you may experience, so that you are not late to your flight! Many people make the mistake of forgetting to calculate the time it will take them to get to the airport, which could be up to two hours depending on the distance. Look up the time it will take you to arrive, and then schedule your shuttle service with at least an hour to get there. You never know what will delay you. The airport can be a crowded place!


Decide How You’re Getting There

If you are a businessperson, or just someone who enjoys traveling alone, getting to and from the airport can often be a hassle. In some cases, you can get a ride from a friend or family member? But what if you are in a city with no connections? It can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t accustomed to the local transportation. Using a ground transportation service can help you familiarize yourself with different options. For example, buses and trains are a great option for those who travel light and wish to experience the area like a local. For others who prefer faster, more direct options, shuttle services, and taxis may be ideal. You can also opt for more luxurious choices, such as private limos or business-class sedans. If you are unsure of what service to choose, do a little research on some of your available options. For travelers who don’t like to spend lots of time comparing and contrasting


Know What Type of Airport Transportation You Want

What type of travel accommodation is best for you? There is a wide selection of travel options out there to help you find a ride that best suits your needs. Are you a businessperson who prefers the discreetness of a private sedan? Or are you an extroverted traveler who enjoys the experience of a shared van? For example, a larger family traveling from the airport to their hotel with all their baggage would benefit from renting a private van. On the other hand, a single traveler with one bag may be more comfortable simply jumping in a shuttle. Find a platform which can match you with a taxi, bus, train, or even a limo! In Mozio, we’ve partnered with dozens of top-quality car services and shuttles to help all of our users find the ideal service for them. Additionally, many of our options offer free cancellation in the event that your flight plans change! The most important part about booking airport transportation is finding an option that suits your needs comfortably and affordably.


Consider Your Luggage

Don’t forget your luggage needs to make it safely to the airport, as well! Airport transportation should always be scheduled with your bags and any items you may need to bring in mind. Some ground transportation platforms provide you with how many bags will fit with each option. For example, traveling with a pet? Not all services will allow you to bring your furry friend along for the ride, so be sure to book a private ride or private van for an instance like this. On the other hand, if you are planning to travel light, a cheaper, shared service with room for just one bag might be right for you!


Don’t Break The Bank

Last minute airport travel services can easily cost you three times what you could pay for booking your airport transfer in advance. Don’t break the bank! Try services which have a real-time availability to ensure that they pair you with the best price for the exact airport transportation services you need. You don’t need to pay extra for luggage or additional passengers. Instead, book a ride that is all-inclusive and will even wait for you if you’re late, at no additional charge!


Consider The Traffic

We don’t just mean commuting traffic, but also the popularity of where you are! For example, let’s say you book a family trip to New York City for a holiday weekend in the winter. You’ve booked a lovely hotel in Manhattan, and have everything in place to arrive. But what if you don’t schedule an airport transfer service in advance? You figure you’ll just grab a taxi and head over. The next thing you know, you’re paying an arm and a leg for a service that could have been as low as $20! Did you consider the tolls and gratuity as well? Those often come right out of your pocket, and may dip into savings you had for shopping or sightseeing. Normally, all the good service providers include gratuity, tolls, and even free cancellations!


Consider The Customer Support

Are you booking with a company that offers 24/7 customer support and will be available to answer the phone at 4am on a Sunday? It may seem silly, but this is an important factor to consider! Oftentimes, travelers find themselves dealing with delayed airplanes or last-minute emergencies just hours before they have to board. This can be a real pain if you can’t get in touch with your transportation service! In Mozio, we offer 24/7 round-the-clock customer support in many languages in order to help service our customers as best we can.

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